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Hakko FX888 Solder Station

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Estimated Delivery Date    Jun 27, 2019


Hakko FX888 Solder Station

The new Hakko solder station which now replaces the well known and proven Hakko 936 soldering station. This station now boasts 30% increased power and can be used for leaded and lead free soldering applications. This compact unit takes up little bench space and has a thinner grip for easier use. It also features a lock screw which prevents inadvertant temperature changes. It uses the 900M series and the T18 series tips.


  • Tip re-design, larger copper mass and shape changes to improve thermal transfer.
  • Heater output increased to 65Watts
  • Faster thermal recovery
  • Temperature stability +/- 1°C
  • Stand incorporates 3 tip cleaning methods- cleaning wire, sponge and silicone rubber cleaner.
  • Lock out key for supervisor control
  • Temperature calibration function with adjustable tool provided.
  • T18 series tips.
  • Temperature range 200ºC ~ 480ºC
  • Light weight soldering iron handle.
  • Ultra-compact size with consideration of environment and ease of use. Space-saving design leaves working area large even in a cell-production site.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture
Estimated Delivery Date 7
In Depth


  •  Station and Soldering iron handle
  •  T18-B tip
  •  Iron holder and cleaning sponge
  •  Lock key
  •  On board tools

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