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UM7 5-pin Cable Assembly

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Estimated Delivery Date    May 27, 2019


Extra cable assemblies for the UM7. Cable assemblies are 6 inches in length, and can be purchased with 5 pins (for the main header), or with 6 pins (for the IO expansion headers). Cable assemblies can also be purchased with either a connector on one end and bare wires on the other, or with a connector on each end.

The UM7 comes with a single 5-pin cable assembly with a connector on one end and bare wires on the other. Additional cables are not needed to operate the UM7 unless extras are needed or unless you want to use the IO expansion headers (for SPI communication, for example).

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture Australia
Estimated Delivery Date 7
In Depth
  • 5-pin connector housing: JST ZHR-5(P)
  • 6-pin connector housing: JST ZHR-6(P)
  • Cable length: 6″ (+/- 0.5″)
  • Voltage rating: 50V (AC,DC)
  • Current rating: 1.0A
  • Wire gauge: 26 AWG
  • Contact resistance: 20 mOhm max
  • Temperature range: -25C to +85C

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