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At Redshift Labs, we are artists, engineers, technologists, innovators and philosophers. Our dream is to create a do-it-yourself community that challenges the status quo and erodes the allegiance to proprietary innovation. We ask you, our fellow visionaries, to hold us to account and safeguard our values from being corrupted, by joining with us in outsourcing our ideas, inspiration and ingenuity. The pendulum has swung towards the empowerment of you, the hobbyists, idealists, architects of tomorrow, and away from the megaliths of yesterday’s techno-paradigm. The momentum of change equals the product of the movement’s mass and the velocity of its uprising.

In circuit boards we see cities; microcosms of society, artful in their limitless potential but scientific in their coherence. We are electro-hedonists, dizzy with excitement for the coming technological revolution, in which we choose to be the designers; not the bystanders. We invite you to choose the Red pill and follow us down the rabbit hole of infinite possibilities.